I’m Dennis. I spent thirty plus years in the insurance industry.  I’ve read insurance policies from top to bottom, I’vehugagtsiteDSCN0009 studied insurance and earned my CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) designation. I’ve taught classes in insurance, practiced as agent, claims rep, and underwriter.  From this experience I found:

Insurance is simply amazing

Insurance agents are wonderful

This website/blog is my attempt to share my knowledge with you.

Bad things do happen to good people…

This site will present the positive side of insurance; there are plenty of critics out there attacking – often unfounded.  We’ll be telling real stories about real people.  And we’ll post articles to help you understand the issues.

And we’ll be featuring insurance agents.  The agent is often the face of the insurance company for you.These professionals study to understand and the explain options to their clients.

This remarkable idea that is insurance benefits all of us in more ways than we can count:

 Financing restoration of our homes damaged by fire or wind

 Paying for repair of our vehicles after accidents

 Defending from lawsuits claiming our action or inaction caused an injury

 Giving all of us the best healthcare in the world by making healthcare careers financially  attractive to best practitioners

 Enabling financing in the purchase of homes, autos, boats – by assuring lenders the collateral will  endure

 Bringing families money to replace income lost because of an untimely death

 Allowing the elderly dignity when their health issues force the need for assistance in living