Advertising? Plus

Have you ever started something without knowing exactly where you’re going?  That’s what I’m doing here.  The initial thought came when I noticed agents with vintage cars decorated with the company logo and maybe some other persuasive text.  Then I saw some newer cars painted with company identification.  One agent had a big (BIG) teddy bear on his lawn, promoting a company product.  This page will feature some of these creative ads.  

And who knows, maybe we’ll even expand it to be a registry of agents featured elsewhere in the website.  

1978 Ford Pickup

Owned by Mark Handley

Dripping Springs, Texas

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Owned by:  Kanda Kropp

Round Rock, TX

Asked if her VW attracted any attention, Kanda spoke of a game that was popular awhile back, “Slug Bug” – a game where a person who first spots a VW Beetle (aka “bug”) announces the sighting and is then allowed to slug another person in the arm.  Kanda says it was common for callers to tell her that her VW Beetle/bug had been the justification of many slugs – and offered to show bruises to prove it.  

So yes, her VW is an effective attention grabber.

2004 Volkswagen 

Owned by: Denise Granville

San Bruno, CA

Denise says the car is no longer in service but she gave permission to use the photo on this website.