Insurance Contracts and Punitive Damages

Maybe I was wrong….? My last post expressed my opposition to having insurance companies pay punitive damages on behalf of policyholders. I said I don’t believe the civil court should punish; the civil court role is righting wrongs, not punishing. If civil courts do punish, then the defendant should should … Read more

Common Cents

Someone’s gonna get a windfall… Reading appellate court rulings can be fun, really! Way back when I was studying legal principles for my job as a claims rep, I was amused at the following wording:  “The question is not whether a windfall is to be conferred, but rather who shall … Read more

Hurricane Season

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo made landfall on the South Carolina coast, causing extensive damage as far inland as Charlotte, 200 miles from the coast. The storm surge caused flooding from Charleston to Myrtle Beach. Here’s a link to an article by Hurricane Science – my source for the above photo … Read more

Insurance Makes Health Care Affordable

Just finished reading a delightful book, “Manhattan Country Doctor,” by now retired Milton Slocum, M.D.. Slocum practiced in New York from the 1930’s through 1960’s. A recurring theme in his narrative is patients having money to pay for medical care. Or not. Health Insurance was a novel idea – in … Read more