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After the Fire…

The first concern when there’s a home fire is for the welfare of the residents. Were they able to escape safely?

My second question is about insurance. Sixteen apartments were involved in the Westwood Apartments fire, forty-three people displaced. Were they insured? Where did they spend the night, after being forced out of their apartment homes?

The KXAN news reporter on the scene, Kylie McGivern, reported there were no injuries. And the Westwood Apartments owners provided hotel accommodations for the displaced residents. And food. And a terrible night was made as tolerable as possible.

But what about later, when the fire is out, the sun is up?

After the fire…


Youtube Video of KXAN News Coverage of the Fire

The workers are cleaning up, restoring – what is the status of the tenants?

The photos above were taken more than a month after the fire that damaged sixteen units. It will be some months before the apartments will be habitable. So – what happens to the tenants whose lives were severely disrupted?

Tenant Homeowner Insurance to the Rescue

 The standard tenant homeowner’s policy provides three kinds of benefits:

Additional Living Expense

Helps pay for securing a temporary place to live until the tenant can either return to the damaged apartment or find permanent replacement accommodations

Personal Property Coverage

Pays to replace tenant-owned property damaged in the fire, such as furniture, clothing, electronic devices. Benefits are on an actual cash value basis, not replacement cost.

Personal Liability Coverage

Provides protection if the policyholder is legally liable for accidental injury or damage to the property of others. The insurer will pay damages awarded against the insured, up to policy limits, and provide legal defense.


Westwood Apartments policy requires all tenants carry renters insurance – with a minimum liability limit of $100,000. This is a common policy among apartment owners/managers and benefits both tenants and owners.

And an excellent policy indeed.

Fire losses are rare but when they occur, tenants are grateful for the coverage their insurance affords.

Click here if you’d like to visit the Westwood Apartments website.

Coverage summaries in this blog and website are general descriptions. There may be differences from one policy to another, one company to another. Readers are encouraged to meet with a licensed agent to determine the coverage in your area.

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